Data Interface for Complex Cell Models

Vitroscope builds real-time bio-imaging technologies with live sensor integration compatible with existing commercial microscope solutions to transform live cell and tissue research.

With all the sensor data aggregated in the cloud and combined with our powerful AI models, we build the complete, digitally integrated cell culture microenvironment control - to easily control complexity.
compatible hardware

Product: vitro.alive
Standardized Form Factor
Bio-Imaging Chamber for Existing Microscope Solutions
Live Cell and Tissue Chamber for Standard Incubators

Digital Bio-Imaging Protocols
Live Cell and Tissue Imaging
Longitudinal Bio-Imaging Chambers
Automated Substance Exposure
Real-Time Sensor Recording
°C |Temperature
O2| Hypoxia / Hyperoxia
  + | pH, Glucose, Metabolites
Cloud-Native Encrypted Synchronisation
Raw Data Repository
Encrypted in Transit and on Rest
Edge Processing

Cloud Based Hardware Control
AI-Native Data Analysis
Programmable Interface

Real-Time Data Processing
Data Streaming to Browser
GPU Powered Cloud Computing
Automatic Data Processing Pipelines
Machine Learning Analysis
Automatic Cell Segmentation
Cell Tracking Algorithms
Compatible with API based AI models
Protocols Exchange
Cloud Based Repository
Global User Network
Customer Care

Service: vitro.scale
Statistically Sensitive
Parallelizing Multi-Chamber Imaging
Industrial Screening

Automated Multi-Chamber Bio-Imaging
Multiple Chambers per Tower
Cross-Compatible Chambers
Integrated Imaging
Multiplex Digital Protocols
Combinatory Effects
Automatic Explorations
Data Driven Screening
Clinically Relevant Assays
In Vitro Diagnosis
Drugs Substance Testing