Your protocol with more control: Vitroscope products are always complementary to your established workflow. The only difference is that you seed your cells compatible with our flow chambers. Be it on standard glass slides for 2D assays or in our 3D chamber for organoid and tissue applications.

Continuous live imaging

the fits on standard inverted microscope stages and is compatible with a wide range of imaging techniques, including (but not limited to) fluorescent imaging, high power microscopy, and phase contrast imaging.

Flow-based experiments

the vitro.alive is designed for controlling circulating cell culture medium. Use an external pump to create a flow rate rate of 5 - 20 ml/min and make use of the wide range of applications the flow enables.

Temperature control

the vitro.alive measures and controls the temperature of the medium flow. The integrated sensors, heater, and control system remove the need for a stage top incubator.

2D cell models

The cells are seeded in defined areas for a range of applications. Live observe the cells under controlled conditions.

Co-culture: seed cell type A upstream or alongside cell type B.
Wound-healing: flow along or across an artificial wound.  
Stained areas: same conditions, different markers.
Mechanobiology: up to 1.1 Pa / 11 dyne/cm2 flow-induced shear stress.

3D cell models

Live observation of tissue, organoids, and spheroids under controlled, perfused conditions.

Ex vivo tissue perfusion: increase cell viability and maintain a physiological texture.
Hydrogel embedded organoids and spheroids: monitor growth over time.
Organoid size tracker: automated analysis of organoid size over time.

Microfluidic chips

remove tubing and get full control.
Click-in interface with microfluidic chips.
Programmable chip protocols.
Automated monitoring.

Longitudinal STUDIES

the vitro.alive can be wirelessly connected to the internet to give you access to the Access sensor readings, remote control your experiments, and make use of a growing library of analytics tools, all through your favorite browser.

No USB sticks, no software installation, no extra computer.
Leverage the combination of live observability and cloud-connectivity to create versatile, longitudinal studies.

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