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"Over the last couple of years, biomedical science has made enormous strides in advancing human health and treating disease. It has become clear now that health is active, and disease evolves when abberated. New technology is therefore needed to observe biological processes unfolding in real-time within tissue context over extended periods of time.

Our vision at Vitroscope is to develop tomorrow’s technology to transform today’s life science research landscape in academia and industry."

Carlo Kriesi


"Vitroscope was started in 2019 based on years of research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in collaboration with the University of Zurich.

The 2020/2021 pandemic and subsequent challenges with remote work further confirmed our cloud-native approach - as well as the urgency for more accurate early stage clinical research. The future of life science lies in high-accuracy, vertically integrated data flow.

Since 2022, we are engaged in multiple exciting commercial collaborations to extend our cloud-native perfusion & live imaging capabilities."

Heikki Sjöman

Scientific lead


"We are an international and inclusive team with a passion for technology, biology, and creating impactful solutions at the interface between engineering and life. Some of us met through PhD studies, others through serendipity, others out of pure interest in technology - and we all connect through a deeply rooted curiosity about advancing active health and resolving disease."

Vendela Schjetne

Arpenik Kroyan


is finishing her PhD on thermodynamic description of small size molecular machines. At Vitroscope, she focuses on developing bioinformatics tools in the cloud.

Carlo Kriesi

Co-Founder / CEO

has a passion for biomedical engineering where life and materials meet in a symbiotic relationship to create knowledge. He holds a MSc in mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich and a PhD from NTNU Trondheim.

Heikki Sjöman

Co-Founder / CTO

is an expert when it comes to embedding user needs into IoT applications that create value. He holds a MSc in mechanical engineering from Aalto University and a PhD from NTNU Trondheim.

Vendela Schjetne

Scientific Lead

joined Vitroscope in 2020. Experiencing chronic health issues, she joined Vitroscope with a mission: to leverage our technology to better understand her own body and to discover health treatments that promote high life quality and longevity. She holds a MSc in Biotechnology from NTNU Trondheim.

Tor Henry Dyer

Operations Lead

is VItroscope's operational guru managing and designing our global supply-chain. He holds MSc in Mechanical engineer from NTNU Trondheim.

TEAM of advisors from academia and industry

Marco Fritzsche

Scientific Advisor

Associate Professor at Oxford University and the Rosalind Franklin Institute, leading the Biophysical Immunology Laboratory (www.bpi-oxford.com), as well as the Scientific Director of the Oxford-ZEISS Centre of Excellence.

Gayle Lee

Biomedical industry Advisor

Silicon valley biotech veteran, advices Vitroscope on aspects of biomedical industry, key hires, strategies, and business model development.

Magnar Bjørås

Scientific Advisor

Professor Magnar Bjørås is a Principle Investigator of the research group of Cellular responses to DNA damage at Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim and at Oslo University Hospital/University of Oslo.

Darryl Kirsh

Commercial Advisor

Internationally experienced business consultant & angel investor.

Lars Lydersen

Strategy Advisor

Accomplished scientist, CEO, and entrepreneur turned investor.

Martin Steinert

R&D advisor

Professor for early stage product development. Previously at Stanford and MIT.


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