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Solution – Integrated Flow Chamber System for Live Cell Microscopy

  • Continuously observe cells live under physiological levels of flow-induced shear stress – one step closer to in vivo conditions.
  • No adapters needed – no tools needed – fits on standard inverted microscope stages.
  • Integrated heater, temperature control, bubble trap, and observable flow chamber.
  • Contact us if you have a special wish or idea, like the perfusion of organoids or using your own microfluidic chip.

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Our patent-pending flow-chamber and platform technology is designed with and for researchers. We put a strong focus on making biologist’s work in the laboratory to flow as efficient and easy as possible. Our solution requires no special tools and no special adapters and fits right onto all standard microscope stages.

Tested over hundreds of hours – biocompatible – ready for discoveries.

Read more in our publication in Frontiers In Bioengineering and Biotechnology

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